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Lisa Bennett is a fully qualified naturopath ( of 13 years) , medical herbalist, registered critical care nurse and ex personal trainer. Offering natural health options for most health concerns, Lisa combines all of her twenty six years experience in the healthcare industry, to provide you with a complete approach to health & wellbeing. 

Knowing the cause of disease or ill health as complex, she uses a wide range of assessment and treatment options. Working at prevention as well as treatment, Lisa aims to improve the quality of your current health, as well as provide you with the information, skills and tools to improve your health lifelong.

Understanding that most people respond more effectively to an individualised combination of treatment options, Lisa combines all of her knowledge to provide you with an exceptional level and quality of care.

With a passion for a better quality and delivery of healthcare, Lisa worked at Rosanna Natural Therapies; a beautiful wellness centre in the heart of Rosanna & Ivanhoe, whilst taking part time guest lecturing placements at one of Melbourne leading natural medicine teaching colleges.

In 2015 she closed her wellness clinic to go on maternity leave & in mid 2016 re-opened up private practise 3 days a week. From May 2017, Lisa consults from a private practise @110 Laurimar Boulevard, Doreen 3754.

Ensuring the most recent information on evidence based healthcare, Lisa regularly attends both complementary & mainstream medical conferences. After successfully completing post graduate education in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, as well as Anti Ageing Medicine, Lisa offers you a complete wealth of knowledge, experience and information; ensuring YOU, a renewed sense of empowerment over your health, as well as regained vitality and wellbeing.


Professional Details: Lisa's Qualifications


  • Registered Nurse Division One 1999
  • Registered Critical Care Nurse 2000
  • Degree in Naturopathy - Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy 2004
  • Certificate in Natural Fertility 2005
  • Certificate in Anti Ageing Medicine - A5M 2009
  • Certificate in Hormone Management - A5M 2009
  • Certificate in Integrative Medicine - Queensland University 2009
  • Post Graduate Education - Nutritional & Environmental Medicine - ACNEM 2010
  • Diploma of Herbal Medicine 2010
  • Certificate in Advanced Prescribing of Celloids 2010
  • Certificate in Ayuvedic Medicine 2010
  • Certificate of Anti Ageing 2010 – Modules completed: Adrenal Fatigue / Anti-Ageing Medicine / Detoxification / Metabolic Disorders & The Ageing Process/Age Management: Prevention, Integration & Balance
  • Post Graduate - Women's Health : From Menarche to Menopause - ACNEM 2011
  • Ongoing seminars & programmes 2011- 2017




  • NHAA - National Herbalist Association
  • ACNEM - Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine
  • A5M - Australian Anti Ageing Association
  • AIMA -Australian Integrative Medicine Association



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