Infertility or Sub Fertility?

Why are so many having trouble getting pregnant and or maintaining a healthy pregnancy?

The label of infertility often refers to simply being unable to get pregnant within a twelve month period. If medical tests fail to come up with a true reason, you are then generally titled with unexplained infertility.

Latest worldwide statistics report that one in six couples have difficulty conceiving children; yet for many, the reasons can be readily identified and treated. 

Often missed by mainstream medicine, people are branded as infertile or sub fertile without fully looking at contributing factors such as dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors that can greatly affect reproductive health.

Stress, drugs, caffeine, alcohol, infections, immune dysfunction, reproductive conditions (PCOD, endometriosis), and poor diet are all well known fertility disruptors and are often ignored or fobbed off as unimportant by mainstream medicine practitioners. Even common tests such as Vitamin D levels and iron status are not done in this situation!

Infertility may be related to either the male and or, the female. Up to one third of all infertility has been reported to being related to male fertility problems; the causes to which can often be diet & lifestyle corrected.

There are many natural therapies that can be effective for helping couples improve their reproductive and general health, without the side-effects of most orthodox approaches. With the correction of nutritional deficiencies, simple strategies such as changing your diet and individualised supplementation can fundamentally improve reproductive function, hormonal balance and support healthy sperm and eggs.  Specific herbs and nutrients can also be used to improve any areas that may be compromising fertility. If required, these are always individually tailored.

Stress of any type has an immense effect on fertility. Indeed, the stress of not getting pregnant alone is known to intensify for couples the longer they fail to conceive. Naturopathic medicine not only addresses possible physiological causes, but emotional causes as well. Sometimes removing the stress is difficult, & that is where natural options of herbal nutrient prescriptions can lessen the impact that stress has upon the body. Ways to minimise & deal with this area will be addressed in your consultation.

Aimed at identifying key areas to improve your chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy, Lisa is very successful at identifying key areas within your current health state that may be restricting your chances of a healthy conception & optimal outcomes.

Whether you wish to simply improve your nutritional knowledge or want to explore all options available to you to improve your fertility, seeing Lisa can be an experience well worth your time.

Exploring a Natural Fertility approach will generally answer most of your questions that other healthcare practitioners may fail to fully explain. Making this appointment with Lisa is for anyone;


  • Thinking, wanting or trying to get pregnant
  • Struggling with recurrent miscarriage or fertility concerns
  • Thinking of, or currently doing IVF, but wanting to optimise treatment outcomes
  • For those wanting an alternative to the pill, to regain control over your fertility


To ensure you have the latest up to date information. Lisa has completed a 'Certificate in Natural Fertility' to compliment her existing knowledge of being a registered critical care nurse and naturopath. Confident in helping both partners increase their own health, as well as improving their fertility health, Lisa aims to optimise a healthy conception, pregnancy & having a healthy baby.

Natural Fertility (NF) always includes both partners.  Aimed to inform both partners of how current health & wellbeing has a profound effect on reproductive health, it often involves a series of appointments to fully understand all of the areas involved in optimising this specific area of health care. The type and amount of consultations can be discussed at any of your appointments.


  •  It is interesting that the health of today's sperm and egg is indicative of the health of the male and female over the last 3 months
  • Sperm can take between 90 - 116 days to develop & mature and finally be ejaculated. During this time, they are susceptible to damage from any exposure they may have from toxins such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, nutritional deficiencies and illness.
  • Yes, females do already have the total number of our eggs from the moment they are developed in utero, however they are similarly vulnerable to damage from the external environment.


Optimise Natural Fertility

Overcome fertility problems & help optimise a healthy pregnancy & baby. Ensure all preconception tests have been done to ensure optimal fertility. Many patients do not have sufficient screening & have been labelled as having unexplained infertility. Problems can often be corrected with proper screening & nutritional support; this is just a matter of looking in the right places. Let Lisa ensure you are properly prepared to optimise your fertility. Example of some of the testing that Lisa routinely does: 


  • Salivary & blood hormone levels
  • MTHFR gene testing and Nurtigenimic and Physiogenomic gene testing
  • Urine Iodine tests & Serum Thyroid tests 
  • Semen parameters through specific andrology labs


Facts like this are why preconception care & assessment is absolutely vital for every person trying to get pregnant. It is amazing that you can potentially change your child’s future health and gene expression by how you manage your pre-pregnancy health!

Preconception Health Care

Preconception care is one of the most loving and responsible choices you and your partner can make together, not only for you and your child's health, but for future generations. Preconception health care prepares your body for a successful and healthy pregnancy, as well as a problem-free birth and satisfying breast feeding experience. 

Studies have demonstrated that prenatal vitamin and mineral supplementation has been able to reduce the percentage of pregnancy related complications such as pre-term delivery, low birth weight, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia and infant morbidity and mortality. And by ensuring that there is an optimal supply of essential nutrients for healthy sperm, eggs and the growing foetus, along with the absence of any substances that may compromise a foetus’s development, preconception care is aimed at providing your body with the environment and tools necessary to hopefully create a healthy baby.

It is important that both parents take part in the preconception care process to enhance the child's chances of maximizing its potential - physically, mentally and emotionally.


  • When should you start your preconception plan?


It is recommended to start your preconception health plan at least 3-4 months prior to trying to conceiving. However, as this type of care is aimed at improving both partners total health, there is no time better than right now!   Call now to reserve your appointment. Lisa can be contacted directly on 0411 713 323. By having an appointment with lisa, you will have a greater awareness of:


  • Improving your health & vitality
  • Taking the guess work out of so many questions
  • Understanding your own fertility & reproductive health
  • Ways to balancing all hormone levels and regulate ovulation
  • Improving uterine health as well as optimise the health of ovaries and egg
  • Enhancing the quality and quantity of fertile mucous, as well as identifying key times of optimal fertility
  • Lifestyle stressors & given ways to reduce and manage them
  • Improving the chances of a healthy conception, pregnancy, and happy baby, as well as possibly reducing the risk of miscarriage, recurrent IVF failures and pregnancy complications
  • Improving the health, quality & production of sperm; including volume, count, motility, abnormal forms & antibodies (if detected)   


Your Initial Preconception Appointment is vital for both partners to be involved, however it is up to each couple if they wish to attend the first session together. Most commonly, the female partner is the first to see Lisa, where a thorough & individualised health history is taken. Explanations of all key areas are addressed. Example: Practical & natural ways to recognise healthy hormone cycles & fertility, optimal preconception diet & lifestyle, medical screening & tests (that should be done - if not already), herbal & nutritional aides and other options involved in improving your fertility health. As this can be an endless area for discussion, Lisa aims to direct you in the best possible way for you. 

All appointments are individualised and catered for you and your partners needs.



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