Aimed at identifying key areas to improve your chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy & baby, Lisa will identifying key areas within your current health state that may be restricting your chances of a healthy conception & optimal outcomes.

Whether you wish to simply improve your nutritional knowledge or want to explore all options available to you to improve your fertility, seeing Lisa can be an experience well worth your time.

Exploring a Natural Fertility approach will generally answer most of your questions that other healthcare practitioners may fail to fully explain. Making this appointment with Lisa is for anyone who is;  

  • Thinking, wanting or trying to get pregnant
  • Struggling with recurrent miscarriage or fertility concerns
  • Thinking of, or currently doing IVF, but wanting to optimise treatment outcomes


Optimise Natural Fertility

Overcome fertility problems & help optimise a healthy pregnancy & baby. Ensure all preconception tests have been done to ensure optimal fertility. Many patients do not have sufficient screening & have been labelled as having unexplained infertility. Problems can often be corrected with proper screening & nutritional support; this is just a matter of looking in the right places. Let Lisa ensure you are properly prepared to optimise your fertility. Example of some of the testing that Lisa routinely does: 


  • Salivary & blood hormone levels
  • MTHFR gene testing and Nurtigenimic and Physiogenomic gene testing
  • Urine Iodine tests & Serum Thyroid tests 
  • Semen parameters through specific andrology labs

Facts like this are why preconception care & assessment is absolutely vital for every person trying to get pregnant. It is amazing that you can potentially change your child’s future health and gene expression by how you manage your pre-pregnancy health!


Preconception Health Care

Preconception care is one of the most responsible choices you and your partner can make together, not only for you and your child's health, but for future generations. Preconception health care prepares your body for a successful and healthy pregnancy, as well as a problem-free birth and satisfying breast feeding experience.   

      Your Initial Preconception Appointment is vital for both partners to be involved, however it is up to each couple if they wish to attend the first session together. Most commonly, the female partner is the first to see Lisa, where a thorough & individualised health history is taken. Explanations of all key areas are addressed. Example: Practical & natural ways to recognise healthy hormone cycles & fertility, optimal preconception diet & lifestyle, medical screening & tests (that should be done - if not already), herbal & nutritional aides and other options involved in improving your fertility health. As this can be an endless area for discussion, Lisa aims to direct you in the best possible way for you. 

      All appointments are individualised and catered for you and your partners needs.



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