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Thyroid problems appear to be on the increase, however I wonder if this is related to most people now being aware that the average medical thyroid blood test is very incomplete!

Scenario: No matter how much you sleep, you’re always waking up exhausted. Trying to shake the cobwebs from your head, you step on the scale. What! It just can’t be true. You’ve been watching your diet, cutting out the junk food, exercising and not only haven’t you lost anything – you’ve gained even more pounds! Thinking you may have to go out and buy a new scale, you look in the mirror – running your hand through your hair. Does it just seem thinner – less robust lately – or is it really falling out?  When cleaning out the shower drain, it hits home. The stark truth is staring you right in the face… clumps and wads of hair… and all of it yours. You go through the rest of the day in a brain fog. It doesn’t matter how much coffee you drink, or deep breathing exercises you try. Nothing seems to clear your head.  Irrational, you ask yourself… is all this normal?    Well….there’s good news and bad news.


First the bad news: All the symptoms above – and a host of others – can be caused by an under active thyroid, what the medical world calls hypothyroidism. It usually starts when we pass our middle 20s, getting progressively worse as we age. 


Many women really don't notice their symptoms until after childbirth… when it just hits you, seemingly out of nowhere. That “baby weight gain” isn’t lost. Depression and exhaustion are constant companions, and you just don’t feel “right” in your own body anymore. But the fact of the matter is this…Your “Head” is Fine…Your Thyroid Isn’t! 

There are over 2 dozen major signs and symptoms associated with an under active thyroid. 

Here are just a few of the more common ones. Weight gain; low energy and fatigue; cold hands or feet and or dry skin.


When you think of your skin and hair, people generally don’t think about the thyroid gland; but they are closely related. If your thyroid hormone is not producing enough thyroid hormone, then you will develop dry skin and may lose more hair than wanted. In winter, your skin can even become very itchy and develop cracks in your fingertips and hands.                            


How does low thyroid affect your face? The skin on your face is very much affected by your thyroid activity. If your overall skin is dry from a lack of thyroid then your face will be dry, flat and prone to wrinkles. Those crow’s feet around the eyes will also become very prominent.


Other symptoms all due to your underactive thyroid and definitely not to “clinical depression” as so many of you are led to believe (In fact, your depression is yet another sign of hypothyroidism!) are hair loss (alopecia); brain fog, insomnia, poor sleep; tingling in hands and feet, muscle pain and swelling in ankles, and even elevated cholesterol.


There’s a dirty little secret most won’t discuss with you. When a usual thyroid test is done, any result within a wide range is deemed normal. Your thyroid could be functioning at 30% of peak efficiency, but your doctor will say that the tests are fine. 

Well, it’s not fine. 


Not only do you need a blood TSH done, but also the active T3, T4, thyroid antibodies as well as the reverseT3. You should also have a urine iodine level checked as well as an array of common blood tests such as Vitamin D3, iron studies etc to ensure that they are optimal & therefore not inhibiting the thyroid from doing its job efficiently.  


Here’s the good news…

  • You can fix your Thyroid, without a prescription and without begging your doctor! 

Make an appointment with Lisa now, to be able to discuss all of your concerns as well as be informed upon the true “healthy’ thyroid levels. Learn about all the relating information required to regain control over your Thyroid’s health and your body’s total wellbeing. You have nothing to lose and potentially your entire new life to gain! 



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